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About Me

Cahya has a natural ability to connect with people, her strategic mindset and effective communication skills allow to navigate complex situations with ease. She also passion for writing and it shines through in every piece of content she creates

Dive the Deep of My Writing Articles

Have you ever been lost in a sea of words and phrases after a wonderful book? From self-help books to gripping novels, I learned that I have a distinct perspective on the world.

Despite my profound love for my career, I regarded writing to be only a component of my public relations duties just three short years ago. I had no idea that behind the surface existed a world of creativity and fulfillment just waiting to be unlocked.

Welcome to my digital refuge, where my portfolio comes to life and my unique take on life’s many facets finds a voice. You will delve further into my universe of thoughts and ideas as you explore through the many sections of this website.

Come along with me on this enthralling adventure of words and ideas. We’ll investigate the infinite possibilities of the human mind together.

What Do I Focus On?

Throughout my career, I have worked on three major areas

Content Writing

Immerse yourself in the power of words and explore my captivating samples. Discover the magic of storytelling and let your imagination soar.

Social Media Campaign

Enter the realm of digital engagement, where creativity meets strategy. Explore my dynamic social media campaigns and witness the power of connection

Event Management

Welcome to the world of seamless events. Delve into my vast event management experience, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create unforgettable moments.

Working Process

Utlines the steps and approach I follow to deliver exceptional results

Work Experience

Where you can discover my professional history and career journey

SEO Specialist

Since 2022, I’ve embarked on a journey into the dynamic world of SEO. I began by delving into the art of off-page optimization and gradually ventured into the intricate realms of on-page optimization and technical wizardry, all in pursuit of unleashing the full potential of websites.

SEO Specialist
Public Relations

Public Relations has been my passion since my college days, and it became the cornerstone of my career journey when I stepped into the professional arena in 2018. It’s a world where I thrive, constantly seeking new horizons, and nurturing my skills to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this field.

Public Relations
Marketing Communication

In my second year of my career, I ventured into the realm of marketing communication, realizing the profound significance of crafting effective communication strategies in driving sales to their fullest potential.

Marketing Communication
Content Writer

As a public relations professional, writing is an integral part of my daily responsibilities. I’ve honed my skills in crafting various types of content, including blog and website articles, engaging features, SEO-optimized pieces, intriguing listicles, persuasive product recommendations, and more. This dynamic world of writing has not only been my realm but also my true passion, one I wholeheartedly cherish.

Content Writer
Event Management

Throughout my career journey, I’ve orchestrated a wide array of events, ranging from captivating exhibitions and culinary extravaganzas to the utmost formality of trials and heartwarming graduations. My journey commenced back in 2015 during my college years, and today, I proudly stand as an expert in the art of event management, continually honing my craft.

Event Management

My Portfolio

Showcases my body of work and creative projects

What My Partners Says

Features testimonials and feedback from my valued collaborators and clients

Cahya and I collaborated on several projects during our time on campus. Cahya is someone who possesses strong leadership qualities. When facing various challenges, she will calmly and rationally attempt to overcome them. Her experience participating in volunteer projects alongside international students has made her adaptable to work with various personalities. As a public relations professional, she also has an excellent listening skills, which is a key strength in the field of public relations

Azuma Mariela

I know Cahya since in Brawijaya University because we ever take same classes. She already transform to be independent carreer woman as public relations at education field now. It cause of her passion, persistent, & hard work for years. Everbody will happy & enjoy work with her because she smart, easy to get along & always do the best at her work. I believe, she can go big & far with her dream soon.

Nancy Beauty

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Samuel Stevens


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